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Project Cause

Emergency Medicines, Medical Supplies and Treatments

This Cause Is created To Help provide medicine, medical supplies and treatment for people in Abia State, in Nigeria. in partnership with health authorities to develop and strengthen healthcare training.


$6,000 Donated $80,000 Goals
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Project Cause

Help homeless people settle down

charity with a mission Project, to change the face of homelessness in Rwanda. Unlike many homeless charities, our ethos is that housing must come first, and then everything else comes after. Many complex factors can lead to homelessness


$8,000 Donated $85,000 Goals
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Project Cause

Help Us To Send These Street Kids To School

Street children can have complex circumstances and are very vulnerable into exploitation and violence. It’s hard to reach them with vital services such as education and healthcare. They miss out on their right into education because they are trying to support themselves or their families.


$10,000 Donated $100,000 Goals
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