About us


We Proved Give believe donate People.

Machiani Foundation is an organization purely formed to help and to establish the poor children, helpless orphans, motherless children,the sick, helpless widows with children and refugees. Children are the future generation of every family, commmunity, state, country and the world at large. So We are here to give to they future and bring the best in the them by assisting them to achieve their potentials through quality education and providing basic living amentites.

  • Mission Statement

    To build the world we need, we must choose to see a better way beyond the current reality, believe that a better way is possible, and commit to creating it.
  • Vision

    We are constantly evaluating, listening, correcting, and innovating. We do not fail when we change course. Growth is an indicator of health and aliveness. We fail when we are unwilling to change.
  • We Speak Charity, Live For Charity
  • Helping They Needy Is A Duty, Not An Option


What Best Service talking

Shelter / Housing

We Provide shelter and housing for the needy, who have no access to housing.


We Provide Education for kids who are dropout and those their parents cant sponsor through their education

Medical Treatment

Health the said is wealth, A healthy person is a blessing to all. We provide medical Treatment for Aged people, children and those in need of medical treatment

Community Water Project

We Provide Water Project Cause to communities that have water related problems, since water is a vital life commodity for humanity. We Serve Humanity and Humanity is Us.

Food Aid

Empowering Local Communities, which aid in food scarcity reduction in the local area. Food been one of the world most sorted items. We help local communities provide foods or aid so the can reduce food scarcity in the society.

Girl Child Aid

is a girl child sponsorship charity, which provide help to vulnerable girl children living in africa. Today, this charity is an international human rights act dedicated to helping women and girls living in poverty.


Our Popular Causes

Project Cause

Emergency Medicines, Medical Supplies and Treatments

This Cause Is created To Help provide medicine, medical supplies and treatment for people in Abia State, in Nigeria. in partnership with health authorities to develop and strengthen healthcare training.


$6,000 Donated $80,000 Goals
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Project Cause

Help homeless people settle down

charity with a mission Project, to change the face of homelessness in Rwanda. Unlike many homeless charities, our ethos is that housing must come first, and then everything else comes after. Many complex factors can lead to homelessness


$8,000 Donated $85,000 Goals
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Project Cause

Help Us To Send These Street Kids To School

Street children can have complex circumstances and are very vulnerable into exploitation and violence. It’s hard to reach them with vital services such as education and healthcare. They miss out on their right into education because they are trying to support themselves or their families.


$10,000 Donated $100,000 Goals
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